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How the Samsung IoT SE is a powerful gatekeeper for IoT security

Jens Kahrweg, head of system LSI marketing, Samsung Semiconductor Europe


IoT security is one of the biggest challenges facing technologists today. Given the number of devices that are becoming connected to the internet (21.5 billion by 2025 according to Statista), and the growing amount of potentially sensitive information traversing networks, security is vital. Without effective security, the IoT’s use cases are likely to be severely limited.

To that end, Samsung has worked on embedding security within every part of the IoT’s ecosphere, from the chip to the networks and data centres.

One such solution that Samsung has recently launched is the Samsung IoT SE (Secure Element), which is the advanced and proven solution in the IoT industry. It combines powerful security hardware with dedicated software — offering a turnkey service for the entire IoT world.

How it works

The services include hardware, software and customized support from Samsung, which eases time to market for customers across the range of IoT applications, including smart home, smart city, mobile, hubs and IoT modules.

At the hardware level, Samsung IoT SE stops and resets when it detects abnormal activity, thus protecting sensitive data stored within the security integrated circuit (IC). Samsung IoT SE also adopts eFlash to achieve faster data processing and more flexible software modifications.

At the software level, Samsung IoT SE also offers dedicated software to support various tasks, such as personal verification, security key storage, key management and crypto operation.

As a standalone solution, this type of security can work independently from the security performance of the device’s main processor, making it versatile, and expanding the security capabilities of mobile devices, IoT applications, and other devices in all performance levels. In addition, manufacturers can be assured that devices produced at an off-site location are not tainted with non-authorised firmware. The solution also meets the hardware security module requirements for cryptographic operations outlined by an upcoming mobile operating system version.

Security at the core

The future of work will see IoT devices everywhere promising smarter appliances, rooms, buildings and cities. The Samsung IoT SE’s world-class level of security ensures that device manufacturers can build IoT-connected devices with peace of mind.